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Building one Offgrid dream at a time

Building Offgrid...the fragile dream

First things First...It's all about the land


Superior design and materials

All services provided by Offgrid Mountain Homes, LLC are done so with quality and care. With years working in the industry, our team of professionals come together to provide our clients with the products they need for their new home. Check out some of our beautiful home plans brought to you by Linwood Homes.


From simple to architecturally stunning

What interests you? A modern home, cottage or cabin, craftsman home, cedar home, traditional home, or even a timber frame home? We have a design library of more than 400 home plans in many different styles and sizes to suit any budget or location. We can also create your own unique custom design. Whatever you want to build, we have a design and material package or home kit to meet your needs. 

Home Package Benefits

Linwood has developed the contents of its home package for use by any good builder to give you a high quality result with lower construction costs. Thousands of houses have been successfully built for satisfied customers in many different types of locations. You get the key advantages of:

  • Lower estimating, purchasing and organization costs. The Linwood system allows our experienced team to more efficiently estimate and source materials. This saves your builder time and you money.

  • Lower framing and construction costs. All components are available when needed. Framing materials are pre-cut and clearly labelled for area of use. Your contractor can build faster and more efficiently and pass the savings on to you.

  • Lower finishing costs. Using higher quality materials including straight lumber saves money on installation of drywall, painting, cabinetry and trim. It also provides a better looking result.

  • Less risk due to fixed pricing on building materials – about a third of your total cost – for an extended period of time. This is not available from other suppliers, where components such as lumber can increase significantly in price during the peak building season.

  • Access to valuable technical expertise from a team of professionals you can trust based on years of experience cost-effectively building award-winning custom homes.


Building professionals

Free Expert Consultation

A Linwood consultant is happy to discuss the scope of your project with you. There is no obligation on your part in order to have this free, initial consultation. It will provide you with enough information to prepare a rough budget and determine the overall feasibility of your project based on local construction costs.

This free consultation can also:

  • outline what’s involved to build a contemporary post & beam, timber frame, or traditional truss-roof home.

  • provide the information you need to start planning the exterior look and interior layout of your new custom home

  • offer further expertise and clarification – if you have building plans in mind, and can bring them, this is a great opportunity to review them

  • clarify the type of structural materials to give you the best result based on your personal preferences, your building location and budget

  • help you to better understand Linwood’s Site Specific Design™ process and why it’s key in the planning stages of your custom home package.

Should you decide to work with us to build your custom home, the next step is to set a realistic budget for your home project, and then create and finalize the concept design. We will also help you find a builder for your project.



Customized for You

Linwood home packages and house kits have been designed to deliver savings of $5 to $10 per square foot on a typical home whoever builds it. Even greater savings are available on complex designs or in challenging locations.
Our home package gives you all the key cost-saving advantages of different types of construction methods such as conventional on-site framing, prefabrication, and factory modular construction when building a quality custom home.
The combination of a good builder and our design and material home package has proven to give the best outcome for many thousands of satisfied customers. The builder is able to construct your new home at a lower labor cost and give you a better quality result.
You can select an independent contractor from Linwood’s large network of local builders or we can help you to select a local builder to build your new home project within your budget. Alternatively, you can even act as your own general contractor.
Working with Linwood helps you understand the building process and gives you more control over key areas of your building project including timing and budget. Our team will fully support you whether you are building your new home in the country, a residential neighborhood, a recreational area, or off-grid in the wilderness.

Our professional and talented team is ready to work with you on your upcoming project. Contact us today!


Providing the full package

At Offgrid Mountain Homes, LLC, all of our products meet the strictest standards of safety and quality. We refuse to sell low quality materials to any of our clients. Years of working at Offgrid Mountain Homes, LLC have taught us that a big part of building a strong foundation is choosing adequate products to work with. More importantly, we’re invested in keeping our clients safe through sturdy constructions that will last a lifetime.

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Quality Home Building Packages



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