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First things first, the land!

The biggest mistake I made was in the selection of my land parcel. When I was first looking for land I was not looking for a place to live but rather just a weekend getaway from the everyday grind in Las Vegas. I found a place with a well, septic and a small three bedroom fully furnished manufactured home that met all of the requirements at the time. It was at a time in my life when I had way more money then sense. The topography of the lot was ridiculously steep and the useable area around the house and equipment was way to small. It’s easy to think that on a 40 acre parcel that this wouldn’t be a concern. The house was placed on the highest point of the lot which is great for views but little else due to the slope. Eventually I worked out a remedy which was to find a building pad on the larger flatter portion on the bottom of the property. This is going to require building a new house which we are very excited about.

The main point of this story is to think of the unthinkable. What if instead of vacation use I looked for property like a homesteader. I should have been looking at the net useable footage instead of the view corridor. If I looked at it as though I needed flat ground for gardens and animals I never would have bought the piece I did. Make sure you think of all the possibilities in your life and plan for any scenario.

The most important attributes of a piece of property are;



Year round climate

Soil conditions and topography

Cost of development

Try to keep these things in mind when you’re out hunting for a parcel that’s right for you and make sure it works for whatever may be thrown your way. Check back in for site development tricks and tips in the next post. Thanks for stopping by.

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance!

Wishing you good luck and may you never surrender.

Sean Harron

Offgrid Mountain Homes

Dirt Road Real Estate

Mohave Offgrid Construction



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